"I'd been in the streets and there was drugs, alcohol and abuse. I was headed down the wrong path...that was a turning point for me. That one person that looked me in my eyes and said I could do better."

- Former Arbor Circle Youth

Sharing your story is hard.  If you talk, we'll listen.

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Sometimes you just need someone to listen.

Take it at your own pace and share what you want, when you want. Here's how to connect:

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Want to talk? We are here for you.

We Won’t Intrude. When telling your story, YOU choose what information to share.

All conversations are private and confidential.

Although we won’t share your story, if someone is hurting you and you give identifying information, we are required by law to report it - but remember the decision is yours to give us that information.

No matter what type of support you're looking for, we have someone who can help.

Our programs serve youth ages 10-24, offering support related to: crisis, shelter, basic needs, independent living skills, counseling, increasing housing stability, employment, education and reconnecting with family and community.

Feeling unsafe or not sure what you're looking for? Give us a call or live chat!

I'm struggling with ___. Can you help me?

Life can be hard.  Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to go for help and to share what's really going on.  We get it.  We are here for you.  Let's talk.